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Data Visualization


Madison, WI


Motion Designer


December 2022

Project type:

Data Visualization

Link to Studio:

During my employment at Trivium Interactive, I was asked to design a data visualization that would take live data from TruStage that included website hits, phone calls received, and deals created to turn it into an animation that would then be programmed in real time.

Inspired by the glass building this video wall resided in, and the client's love of sky and water imagery, I created an abstract data visualization using different colored paint strokes that moved to create a wave form based on the info received. An ethereal "lighthouse" shines during sundown and sunrise. This was made to fit various formats including a large atrium LED wall as well as various LCD screens throughout the building.

I worked closely with the developer who worked in Unity to integrate the look and timing, with the raw data.

This project was awarded the GDUSA Magazine 2023 American Graphic Design Award for Signage and Environmental Graphics.

Media Design and Photography: Trivium Interactive
Signage and Environmental Design: LLM Design.

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